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Imbalance correction with
knock-on or adhesive weights


First of all it is measured at which point at a fast rotation on the balancing machine the imbalance occurs. By the mounting of balancing weights (knock-on or adhesive weights) the imbalance is balanced out eventually. With a second run on the balancing machine, the proper result of the correction measure is checked.







Balancing weights:
little helper – great effect!


An imbalance occurs if the weight of a wheel is not balanced around the central axis. Imbalance is caused by uneven wear and tear of tyres, strong braking and turning, as well as by the weight of the valves, which is higher by a few grams than the opposite site. While a wheel imbalance is barely noticeable at low speeds, it is perceptible at higher speeds, since it is amplified a thousand times due to the physical laws.

The result of an uneven distribution can be an increased brake wear, wheel bearing wear, steering gear wear etc. as well as a vibrating steering. Therefore, the balancing of wheels with balancing weights is recommended by all automobile manufacturers. The balancing of wheels does not only improve the driving comfort and the braking performance, but also reduces the wear and tear and therefore the repair costs.

Customer friendly packaging design
for greater clarity!


In order to meet the specific needs of workshops and dealers, we pack our products in user-friendly boxes, which are easy stackable. We put particular emphasis on the labeling and that all important information is visible at first glance and easy to read. Icons for the vehicle- and rim types as well as the coating make the handling and storage of the packaging easier.


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