Download Installation instruction knock-on weight here

Select a suitable weight
Select the weight matching the rim shape before installation. Apply the weight to check its fit before installing it to the rim.
Place the weight on the rim
Place the weight at the correct spot of the imbalance. Ensure that the clip touches the rim flange before you knock on the weight. The weight‘s body should not touch the rim.
Knock on the weight
After adjusting the weight correctly, it is knocked on with the corresponding installation hammer. Do not use more than two strong hits. Note: Raising the number of hits can damage the weight coating.
Check correct fit of the weight
To make sure that the weight is attached firmly after the installation, we suggest a second inspection.


Download Installation instruction adhesive weights here

Preliminary work
The weight, rim and ambience temperatures should be at last 16 °C. In order to avoid grease and silicone residue on the rim clean the rims with a suitable cleaning agent (e.g. isopropanol 70%).
Adjust the adhesive weight to the rim shape
Adjust the adhesive weight to the rim radius with the protective film. The radius of the rim and the weight body must be at least parallel to each other. It is even better if the radius of the weight body is less than that of the rim.
Remove the protective film
After adjusting the weight to the rim radius remove the protective film from the adhesive tape. Before attaching the adhesive tape to the wheel, do not touch it!
Install the weight
Lastly, press the weight against the rim from the centre towards the outer edge. Ensure that the pressure is at least 100 kpa.
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