The Italian Weight Company. Since 1964.

Terms of sale

The following conditions are valid for any order


  1. Any declaration of agents or employees is not binding for our Company if it will not be confirmed in writing.
  2. The price lists and estimates are not binding, and they may be subjected to changes, to unquestionable judgement of our Company, for rise in raw material's costs or other burden that may occur before the signing of the order confirmation.
  3. Our price list are to be considered for delivery Ex Works by our stocks, the packaging and the delivery will be made at Customer's risk and expenses that will not be able to have objection for cheaper prices and transport costs than the ones in use, excepted the case in that the buyer had given timely other indications.
  4. The delivery terms signed on the order confirmation are not peremptory and binding, as they may change due to force major reasons not imputable to us.
  5. Complaints for incomplete or wrong supply and for evident defects must be communicated in writing and transmitted within 8 days from the receiving of the goods, after this time we understand that the customer accepts the supply with no more reserves.
  6. Hidden defects must be communicated to us when they are detected, in any case within two months from the date of the receipt of the goods and the burden of the proof and tests to permit to point out these defects, in case of use, are on the buyer.
  7. On the cases 5 and 6, our Company will provide only to supply the missing goods or to replace the defective or wrong items, all other indemnity for direct or indirect damages are excluded.
  8. The seller Company guarantees the quality and the perfect manufacturing of the supplied items, made in accordance with the current technology development, and reserve itself the right to decide every construction and manufacturing modification during the progress of the orders, and the buyer will not lay claim on the improved items put on sell after the confirmed date of the order.
  9. For split up supplies our Company reserves itself the right to suspend the delivery of the goods, when the Customers is in delay on the payment of previous emitted invoices.
  10. The Customer declares to accept as competent Court the Brescia's Court in Italy.
  11. AII REMOG products are made with different alloys as you can see from the catalogue and from the Safety Data Sheet and are moreover covered by an "RC Products insurance policy".

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