The REMOG brand stands for TRADITON, PASSION and DESIGN. The company has been supplying wheel balancing weights since 1964 and is one of the most experienced suppliers on the market. Our customers are always the focus of our activities. Our experts give their best every day to provide you with the best service. REMOG products are tailored to the special needs of our customers. In order to guarantee our quality standards at all times, we are constantly working on improving our production processes.

Our impact weights made of zinc and steel can be used universally on the market and are suitable for all common steel or light alloy rims. They have excellent clamping properties and optimum adhesion. A special coating process reliably protects the rim from galvanic corrosion. 


Our adhesive weights made of high quality zinc or quality steel or lead are ideal when light alloy rims need to be balanced discreetly. The REMOG adhesive weights made of elastic quality steel ensure the best working results and are characterised by their durability. The adhesive tape promises the best adhesive properties with guaranteed adhesive strength and reliable hold.


REMOG offers a wide range of products for easy and safe installation and removal of adhesive and impact weights. 


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